Ormon Grimsby

Around 2003 I had the idea to try and bring back the old Horror Hosts that I remembered as a kid. I grew up in Detroit in the 70's and 80's and in that area we had The Ghoul, Count Scary, and my favorite Sir Graves. Every Saturday afternoon it was first Sir Graves, then a combination of flipping back and forth between channel 20 and 50 for Creature Feature and Chiller Theater. Kids back then really got a great education on monsters. 
Flash forward to 2003, I had just gotten laid off and was trying to come up with something that I could have ownership of. I thought wow wouldn't it be great to bring back the old horror hosts, but with a modern twist in terms of technology. Wrap it around hot rods and the low brow culture and make it really cool.  Around this time Reality TV was becoming THEE new programming, stories were out the window. And, I wanted to do something that would inspire kids or anyone really to be creative. Pick up a pencil, camera, clay...whatever. So I decided to try and interview people doing cool stuff in with programming of old monster movies. 
Thus Monster Creature Feature was born and with it the character Ormon Grimsby. I had no money and did everything out of my garage at first. Later on I rented space somewhere but still had no money. I had lots of help from some people I consider great friends to this day. 
Ken Mcguire helped write the early stuff and later on Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith came on board and wrote some of the later and best stuff we did, if best could ever be used do describe what we did.
Norman Cabrera allowed me to use music from The Ghastly Ones early on, and then Crispy Bess of Southern Culture on the Skids actually graciously recorded three original songs for the show along with the boys from Killer Filler!
Tom Kuebler, always a good friend gave me some great props to use, including the character Dead Lou. Mark Murphy was a HUGE supporter and friend and helped put on multiple live shows that were always created with huge ambitions and no funds. Jason Lonon created amazing poster art for the live events. Mr. Lobo and Dixie for involving Ormon with OSI, Outer Space International Roku channel. So many people lent their talents.
The show ran on public access in the Raleigh area from around 2005 to 2010 and then sporadically until 2013. It always seemed like it was on the cusp of something big happening but it never really did, lol. We did a Halloween special with the local NBC affiliate that the making of was far more interesting than the actually show. We had talks about being picked up here or there and some interesting offers for the Ormon character but nothing ever really came of it.  
Eventually I personally found that I wanted to spend more time creating artwork and sculpting, my original love. I had a lot of fun making the show and met some of the best people, friends that I hope I will keep for life. While the show never really took off I found that only good things came out of it. It was a great outlet. My hope is that maybe it did encourage some people to follow their passion.
Craig Vance
Ormon Grimsby