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Ludo Labyrinth inspired door knocker


Labyrinth-inspired Ludo door knocker sculpture

"Ludo friend!" Original sculpture inspired by the classic 80s film Labyrinth.

Entirely handmade: hand-sculpted in clay, then molded and cast in cold-cast bronze (real bronze metal mixed with resin). The knocker moves, however this piece is intended for indoor display and would be adversely affected by direct sunlight and weather exposure. Comes ready to hang and makes a great gift for any Labyrinth fan or creature art enthusiast. As this piece includes real metal, it is weighty and the color may shift over time as the metal oxidizes.

Listing is for the actual sculpture pictured in the photos; please check my shop for other listings.


Ring appr. 6.5 inches in diameter
Ludo Head Piece
appr. 8 inches by 8 inches